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If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of others, the grief can feel unbearable. Paired with the frustration of losing someone when it could have been avoided can bring stress and pain to the lives of everyone who cared for them. While no amount of money can replace a loved one, a wrongful death lawsuit may help ease the economic burden of your loved one’s death. Choosing the right Salem, MA, wrongful death lawyer is key to being financially compensated for your losses. The Cashman Law Firm knows that nothing can take the place of the person you have lost, but we will guide you through the process and will work to secure you financially after a tragedy.

Why Should I Choose The Cashman Law Firm?

  • You want to hire someone who understands the Massachusetts legal system and how to leverage it for the best possible outcome. The team at The Cashman Law Firm can do just that.
  • Our track record is a successful one. The best way to anticipate an outcome is by looking at past outcomes. Our rate of success rightfully inspires confidence in our clients.
  • We have the resources to help you prove challenging to prove, wrongful death cases. We will ensure that the experts and resources needed to win a wrongful death claim are available to every client.

How do Wrongful Deaths Occur?

Wrongful deaths are the tragic consequences of another person or entity’s neglect, recklessness, or misdeeds. A wrongful death lawsuit is an area within personal injury law that allows the deceased’s family to seek compensation for the loss of their loved one. Listed below are some of the common claims that lead to wrongful death:

The Cashman Law Firm will leverage the Massachusetts Wrongful Death Statute to maximize the damages that the family of your loved one can recover. The statute tells us that in addition to the losses and services, you or your family may be entitled to recover economic damages for the loss of protection, society, comfort, companionship, guidance, care, counsel, advice, pain, and suffering. We will investigate your case thoroughly and pursue any and all damages you might be due.

What Can a Wrongful Death Attorney in Salem, MA, do for You?

Our skilled wrongful death attorneys in Salem, MA, are ready to support and empower our clients in obtaining the damages to which they are entitled. Losing a loved one can add up to financial distress for family members. We can help by seeking damages such as those listed below:

  • Medical bills
  • Burial expenses
  • Funeral
  • Lost earnings
  • Loss of financial household support
  • Pain and suffering that the deceased suffered leading up to their death
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship, comfort, and community

We understand that you have experienced a tremendous loss. Our compassionate team wants to aid you in rebuilding your life as you move forward. Call today, and we can help you pursue the damages you deserve.

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If you have questions about a wrongful death claim, we are the firm with your best interests in mind. We will work tirelessly to ensure you experience as close to a full recovery as possible without your loved one. We care about our clients and will investigate your loved one’s death and will use all of the resources at our fingertips to provide you with the best outcome possible. Contact The Cashman Law Firm today to find out how we can help.