Verdicts & Settlements

$3.5M SETTLEMENT for botched surgery and delay of diagnosis.
$2.8M VERDICT verdict for a delay in diagnosis of prostate cancer.

$1M SETTLEMENT for the failure to recognize and treat retinal detachment leading to blindness. 

$900K SETTLEMENT delay in diagnosis of breast cancer.
$490K SETTLEMENT torn rotator cuff caused by dangerous property.
$250K SETTLEMENT fractured hip caused by abusive nursing home.
$250K SETTLEMENT fractured ankle caused by construction negligence.
$250K SETTLEMENT bar over-serving, dramshop liability.
$250K SETTLEMENT torn rotator cuff dangerous property, understaffing.
$250K SETTLEMENT spine injury causing pinched nerve from dangerous walking surface.
$225K SETTLEMENT shoulder replacement caused by reckless truck driver.
$180K SETTLEMENT motorcycle crash, shoulder fracture.
$150K SETTLEMENT ankle fracture caused by dangerous property.
$100K SETTLEMENT pedestrian struck by distracted driver.
$100K SETTLEMENT dog attack.
$88K SETTLEMENT concussion caused by distracted driver.