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Dogs are a very popular pet for Boston residents, and for good reason. When treated well, these animals can be great companions and lifelong friends. However, dogs are still animals, and can cause injury to others by biting, jumping, charging, or attacking.

If you are injured by a dog in Massachusetts, you can hold the animal’s owner accountable by filing a lawsuit against him or her. The Boston dog bite lawyer at the Cashman Law Firm can represent your claim and fight for your right to maximum recovery.

Why Choose Us for Your Dog Bite Claim in Boston

  • Our attorney, Mark A. Cashman, has represented injured Massachusetts residents for years. You can trust our firm to fight for your right to justice in your dog bite claim.
  • Dog bite injuries can be painful. Our firm will handle every step of your case so that you can focus on healing and recovery rather than complex litigation.
  • Our Boston dog bite lawyer has recovered millions of dollars for our clients, including $7.5 million over a four-year period. We will fight diligently to secure the outcome that you deserve.

Massachusetts Laws on Dog Bites and Attacks 

Dog bite laws in Boston are defined by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140, Section 155. According to this statute, dog owners may be liable for any injuries inflicted by their animals if the case meets both of the following criteria.

  • The animal caused personal injury or property damage.
  • The injured person was not trespassing, provoking the dog, or committing another tort or wrongful act at the time of the incident.

Dog owners in Massachusetts are strictly liable for any incidents that meet these criteria. It does not matter if the dog has a history of aggression or if the owner was aware that the animal could turn violent. Unlike other states, which have different laws that apply to injuries other than bites, this statute applies to any case involving an injury caused by a dog.

For example, say that you are walking in a public park when a dog suddenly charges at you. You fall and break your arm. In this situation, you could file a lawsuit against the animal’s owner for medical expenses, property damage, and other losses that you experienced.

What to Do If You Are Attacked by a Dog in Boston

The aftermath of a dog attack can feel scary and overwhelming. In these moments, it is important to protect yourself and gather evidence to support a future dog bite injury lawsuit.

  • First, get to a safe location away from the animal as soon as possible. 
  • Next, try to perform first aid on any wounds that you have. Dog bites can transmit dangerous bacteria.
  • Seek medical care for any injuries that you may have. Always seek medical care, even if you do not feel hurt. Save all of your medical records.
  • If you do not know the owner already, identify him or her and collect his or her contact information. Speak to any witnesses in the area and collect their details as well.
  • Take photographs of the animal, your injuries, and the area around the scene.
  • Contact a dog bite attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case. 

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Dog owners have a duty to ensure that their animals do not cause harm. If you are bitten or attacked by a dog in Boston, a personal injury attorney from the Cashman Law Firm can help. Contact us at (978) 306-7549 today to schedule your free case consultation and identify your optimal path to recovery.