Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Massachusetts 

Some of the most severe personal injuries result from Massachusetts truck accidents. The extent of injury a truck accident victim experiences may require legal action through a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit to cover damages outside of personal injury protection protection (PIP) coverage. These common causes of truck accidents in Massachusetts are often preventable negligent actions, leading to significant injury.


Speed limits are established with consideration of the road’s design, use, and other factors to keep drivers safe. However, speeding continues to be a significant cause of accidents. Speed is the most common factor in drivers’ deaths, with 7.3% of CMV drivers in speed-related accidents suffering fatal injuries. A truck’s increased speed reduces its breaking and maneuverability, leading to accidents causing significant personal injury.

Fatigued Driving

Truck drivers put in long hours on the road. Sitting still for extended periods may cause even the most focused drivers to become fatigued. Failing to take designated driving breaks and rest periods may lead to Massachusetts truck accidents.

Distracted Driving

Humans are continually bombarded with information created by internal and external stimuli. Maneuvering an 18-wheeler truck while processing distractions may lead to a truck crash. Common distractions include:

  • Cell phones
  • Eating
  • GPS systems
  • Roadside visual distractions
  • Personal thoughts
  • Sounds within or outside of the truck

Distracted driving may decrease response times and lead to missing an exit ramp, rear-ending a vehicle, or departing the lane. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), typing or reading a text while driving 55 mph is similar to driving an entire football field with closed eyes.

Impaired Driving

Operating a motor vehicle over the intoxication limit using alcohol or drugs is illegal. It can also cause a truck driver to risk losing their commercial license. Impairment may be caused by other factors that also lead to truck accidents in Massachusetts, including:

  • Medications that cause drowsiness
  • Medical issues
  • Impaired vision
  • Hearing Loss

Many people drive with some form of impairment. However, responding to environmental cues is vital in preventing truck accidents.

Improper Truck Maintenance and Malfunctions

Trucking companies perform routine maintenance to protect their drivers and others on the highways from injury. While taking a truck out of service for routine maintenance means a company cannot earn money with a vehicle during that time, maintenance can protect against significant financial loss should an accident occur.

The manufacturers of truck parts are also responsible for producing a product that is safe to use. Replacing recalled parts, such as tires, is vital to safety. Defective manufacturing processes can present dangers to drivers as well as others.

Poor Maneuvering

Traffic, weather, turning, and the actions of other drivers often require truck drivers to make split decisions in confined spaces while maneuvering. Ensuring a clear field of vision protects against accidents with cars traveling in blindspots. Quickly changing lanes may lead to an underride crash with vehicles matching the truck’s speed.

Injuries in Truck Accidents May Exceed PIP Limits

A free case evaluation will begin determining a course of legal action when damages sustained in a truck accident in Massachusetts exceed personal injury protection limits. Don’t be overwhelmed by the process when there’s help to recuperate the losses you have suffered and determine the costs of your future medical needs. Protecting your rights to compensation is our focus.