What Should I Do After a Truck Accident in MA?

Truck accidents are frightening events with the potential to produce costly damage and injury. The steps you take immediately following the crash are critical to documenting the accident when your damages require legal action. Follow these steps after a Massachusetts truck accident.

Call 911

Safety is a priority after a truck accident, so moving to a road shoulder, if possible, and out of the way of traffic will prevent further injury and damage. Then, call 911 for assistance. Upon initial inspection, you may feel relieved that your injuries and property damage are not severe.

However, damage to your vehicle may not be visible without a thorough inspection. Having law enforcement secure the scene and interact with each party involved helps provide a more guarded environment, allowing you to make a police report. Always report a motor vehicle crash in Massachusetts within the time limits.

Seek Medical Care

Calling 911 will also dispatch medical care to a Massachusetts truck accident. Shock and adrenaline may prevent you from knowing the extent of your injuries. If your injuries do not require emergency medical care, follow up with your doctor soon after the accident. Many injuries do not present symptoms until days or weeks after an injury occurs, making it challenging to document the personal injury as a result of the truck accident.

Exchange Information

Drivers involved in a Massachusetts crash are required to exchange information (Sec. D). After a truck accident, document the truck driver’s identifying information, including:

  • Name, address, and contact information
  • License plate number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Insurance information

A truck driver may be transporting for a company. If possible, ask for the name of the company that owns the truck or for contact information for the company’s point of contact. A law enforcement report should assist with gathering this information and provide the information you need for documentation if either driver is too injured to collect it.

Document the Scene

Critical details from a Massachusetts truck accident are challenging to recall after clearing the accident scene. Take these additional steps to document the crash:

  • Take pictures and videos of the damage, the positioning of the vehicles, and any contributing factors that are visible
  • Take photos of damaged cargo trailers and its contents
  • Talk to witnesses and ask for their contact information, and ask them to speak with law enforcement if time permits

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a no-fault insurance state that will require you to file a claim under your PIP insurance. However, the nature of Massachusetts truck accidents often presents damages beyond this coverage’s limits. Additionally, your vehicle damages are not covered under PIP insurance, and a claim against the truck driver or other responsible parties may be necessary.

Seek Legal Guidance

Massachusetts allows a lawsuit to be filed three years from the date the accident occurs. However, these time limits may vary depending on the unique circumstances of your case. You may be unsure if a lawsuit is necessary. Because multiple parties play a role in a truck’s operation, determining who is responsible for the damages is one of the most challenging aspects.

Beginning the conversation with a Massachusetts truck accident lawyer allows you to protect critical information that is often lost over time. Reaching out also helps injured drivers understand what damages may be covered through legal action and why it is frequently necessary for recovery. Schedule a free case evaluation with a Massachusetts truck accident lawyer who will prioritize your needs.