What is a “No Contact Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcyclists can encounter tremendous risks from other vehicles traveling around them. It is not uncommon for other drivers to be unaware of motorcycles, making it necessary for motorcyclists to respond immediately when they are in danger. These maneuvers to prevent encounters with other vehicles can often lead to severe injuries even when no other automobiles are involved.

Sustaining damages from a “no contact” motorcycle accident in Boston will require the legal experience of a team that understands driving laws and personal injury. Documenting the cause of damages you suffered because of the actions of another driver can be difficult. It is critical to find a highly driven team willing to advocate for you to receive the most favorable compensation for your injuries.

“No Contact” Motorcycle Accidents

A “no contact” motorcycle accident occurs when a motorcyclist has to respond in a manner to another driver’s accidental or negligent actions, causing the motorcyclist to lose control, possibly sustaining injuries and other damages, without coming in contact with the other automobile. Your fast response may have saved your life, but now you must prove the accident was not your fault if you plan to file a personal injury claim. Anyone involved in a “no contact” motorcycle accident will need help establishing their claim, which can take time.

How to Protect Yourself in a “No Contact” Motorcycle Accident

Documenting an accident as best you can is crucial, especially if the other driver is unaware their actions caused injury or if they continue, purposefully not stopping to inquire about your injuries. But the most crucial step is to call 911 for assistance.

It is always best to seek medical attention, even if you are unaware of any injuries. Medical documentation can be vital in a personal injury case. And some injuries may not present themselves for some time after the accident.

Additionally, only speak with the police about the accident, making a conscious effort not to make any statements to anyone that sound like an admission of guilt. Your statements can be misconstrued by a defendant’s insurance adjuster looking to disprove your claim.

Document The Accident

A motorcycle or helmet camera can document the movements of others around you, potentially capturing evidence of another driver’s negligence. Visible evidence is hard to deny.

Additionally, witnesses to the accident may be willing to share their contact information and make statements about the accident. An eyewitness may be able to substantiate facts you were unaware of that can shed light on why the accident occurred.

There are countless ways an attorney can help, but a knowledgeable lawyer can secure additional documentation. Street and business surveillance cameras may have recorded the incident. Unfortunately, these recordings are not kept indefinitely, so a “no contact” motorcycle attorney can start the process to obtain a copy of any footage, preventing its erasure.

Prioritizing Your Representation in a Boston “No Contact” Motorcycle Accident

Legal representation committed to a successful outcome in a claim is essential. Knowing where to begin can feel like an impossible feat, but having someone vested in the best outcome when you have been personally injured can make the difference in compensation for your injuries.

You have options for recovery of financial loss in a “no contact” motorcycle accident. Let The Cashman Law Firm help you navigate your options to recover physically and financially.